I Used to Fear Routine, but Now I Embrace It. Here’s Why.

The older I get, the more complicated life gets. I have two young children, a wife who just went back to work, and several projects I’m either working on or considering working on.

And of course, I need a little recreation time once in a while, too.

Simply put, I have a lot going on. The only way to combat so many moving parts is by embracing a routine.

I used to fear and despise routine. I was afraid of doing the same things every day because I thought “that’s what old people do.” Who wants to be an old person? I wanted to go to sleep or get up each day whenever I damn well pleased.

But that just doesn’t work in the real world. Since I quit my job a couple months ago, I quickly realized I needed a strict routine to be a productive person.

Here’s my current daily routine:

  • My alarm goes off at 6am (every day, even on the weekends)
  • I snooze it until about 6:30 (OK, maybe 7 sometimes)
  • I get up, get refreshed, and make coffee (I love coffee)
  • I drink the coffee lovingly (I told you, I love coffee)
  • I read for an hour or two (books on my Kindle — usually non-fiction, but I’ve been getting more into fiction lately)
  • I eat something quick (usually yogurt/granola)
  • I do my work (lately I have been coding a lot more than writing — sorry to everyone asking what the hell happened to my blog!)
  • I eat lunch around 1pm (sometimes later if I’m busy with meetings, but I try to stick to 1pm)
  • I get back to work again (more coding and/or writing)
  • I stop working at 6pm at the latest (family is important)
  • I fall asleep by 11pm at the latest (I’m exhausted by this time)

This routine allows me to take all the guesswork out of my day, so I can focus on getting shit done. Some days, particularly on weekends, include a lot less work and a lot more recreation/family time, and that’s OK. What matters is sticking to everything else.

What do you do to keep yourself on track each day? What could you add or subtract to your routine to improve it? How do you think I could improve my routine? I’d love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “I Used to Fear Routine, but Now I Embrace It. Here’s Why.

  1. Love it. You’re missing one though: exercise! For me at least, huge physical and mental benefits to getting it regularly. I’ve found I’m much more likely to stick to it if I mix it up (alternate between lifting, running, and boxing)

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  2. Exercise gets incorporated with a “routine” time also. For me, 7:30 am works- & true you have to mix it up I walk and or do cardio dance- whatever is fun & an easy access.


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