Why I’ll Never Retire

I don't have to retire to golf a couple times a week.
I don’t have to retire to golf a couple times a week.

When I was growing up, I had dreams of retiring at age 40.

I had a very clear vision of how it would happen. I’d make a bunch of money running my own businesses, sell them off one by one, and retire early. Then I’d never work again.

Nowadays, I have a very different idea of retirement: I simply will not retire. Ever.

Instead, my new goal is to create multiple income streams and maintain them indefinitely. I will build the flexibility to work as much or as little as I want in a given day into all of my ventures. I’ll figure out ways to extract myself from the businesses as much as possible. I’ll keep plenty of irons on the fire at all times.

I want to keep earning money well into my golden years. Why let all the skills I spent my life acquiring go to waste?

2 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Retire

  1. Ah, to Be 40 again! I do wish I understood more about the world of investing – I will get back with you about that.- & always keep the home fires burning!! Your loving Mom.


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