How to Create Time out of Thin Air

Cutting the crap out of my life allows me to write more and take stupid pictures like this one.
Cutting the crap out of my life allows me to write more and take stupid pictures like this one.

A lot of people complain about how busy they are. They just can’t seem to find the time to pursue their dreams, or get enough done in a day. They’re falling behind. I used to be that way too.

Then I discovered a way to combat this common problem. I can now accomplish many, many more things in a day than I used to. One day recently, I worked nine hours, watched a movie, played with my kids, did a load of laundry, read a bunch of inspiring blog posts, and still had time to write this. I did a bunch of other stuff too, but the things I listed are probably boring you enough as it is.

I can think of several other things I should be accomplishing too, but that will come in time. So here’s my secret. Here’s how you can create time out of thin air:

Cut out a little bit of bullshit every day.

That’s it. Just stop some of the nonsense. Not even a lot, just small amount each day. I started doing this recently, and I’m amazed at how much more I get done.

Now here’s the real kicker: I’m probably not even saving that much time yet. I estimate I’ve cut out just 30 to 40 minutes of bullshit per day so far. That time is adding up — just 30 minutes a day equates to about 182 hours a year. That’s seven and a half extra days! And I’m just getting started.

I’m still an extremely lazy person, and probably always will be. Sometimes I skip showers because I simply don’t want to go through the whole “to do” of showering. How lazy is that? It’s also gross and something a stupid kid would do. In fact, I did the same thing as a kid. Maybe I am still a stupid kid in some ways.

Right now I’m sitting in the bathroom writing this as my daughter is taking a bath. A week or two ago, I would’ve been spending this time looking at stupid Instagram photos of people I don’t know, or playing a pointless game on my phone. Instead, I’m spending my daughter’s bathtime doing something productive.

As long as I keep writing every day, I think I’ll continue to cut more and more crap out of my life. I’ll have to, because I need the time to write.

What could you accomplish if you took just 30 minutes of wasted time out of each day, and spent it instead doing something productive?

2 thoughts on “How to Create Time out of Thin Air

  1. Double the time by intentionally eliminating the bullshit presented by people that have failed to eliminate it in their life. Start with politicians, simply because they are easiest. Everything they do and say is bullshit! Then onward to the people that you encounter throughout the day that believe that they are most important. And so on, and so on…. You will find an abundance of time that you were missing. You might even find that there is so much “new” time in your day you can squeeze in a game of Mario Cart.


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