The Good Life = Love + Knowledge

My family is a constant source of love-fueled inspiration for me, which makes me thirst for knowledge.

Bertrand Russell once said “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” It’s a simple message and should be obvious, but many people ignore it.

 The good life is an existence filled with happiness and fulfillment. One free of anger, envy, fear, and doubt. One comprised of peace, comfort, courage, and confidence.

To achieve the good life, we must first be inspired by love.  Love of people, love of life, and love of what we do. Find what you love, and fill your life with it — and nothing else. Inspiration is the system of roots feeding everything good we will ever achieve, and love is the only worthwhile inspiration.

Our life must also be guided by knowledge. Knowledge saves us from our cognitive biases. Knowledge allows us to find the right path, make the right decisions, and achieve clarity in our purpose. Knowledge is the compass that leads us away from our inherent flaws and toward a more enlightened existence.

This basic formula of love as inspiration and knowledge as guidance is all we need for success and happiness. Why do so many people ignore it?

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