Quitting My Job Cost Two Other People Their Jobs

It can’t rain all the time.

A few weeks ago, I notified my employer that I was leaving. I didn’t realize the ramifications of the move at the time, but in doing so, I cost two other people their jobs. This sucks, and it’s all my fault.

I just returned from a week of paternity leave to learn my office is being shuttered in a couple months, and my two awesome team members here are being laid off. All because I decided to quit. I cost these two bright, capable, hard-working young women their jobs.

Tom, is it really your fault? Yes. Unquestionably, yes.

Tom, don’t you feel guilty about it? Of course I do. I inadvertently hurt people I care about. I screwed up. I should’ve prepared them for me leaving. I should’ve warned them that the company might just shutter the office and get rid of them. Instead they found out in the coldest way possible. They weren’t let down gently, they were dropped off a cliff. And it’s all my fault.

Tom, is there a bright side to this? Yes, there’s a bright side to everything. Ultimately, I think I might have done them a favor. Here’s why:

  • As bright, young, hungry people, they have many better opportunities ahead of them.
  • They weren’t being appreciated as much as they should have been (by others in the company, not by me).
  • They both hit the proverbial glass ceiling and weren’t going to get promoted or make more money anyway.

Or maybe that’s just the narrative I’m crafting to make myself feel better about it.

Tom, what are you going to do about it? I’m going to do everything I can to help them find new jobs. Better jobs. Awesome jobs. Jobs where they will be appreciated, and some jerk like me won’t just leave them hanging, while some other jerk delivers the news that they’re being canned in the same tone a dentist uses when he says you should floss more. Actually, I can’t guarantee that won’t happen to them again (and again, and again), but I’m going to help them.

So, is anyone inside or outside of financial media looking for an awesome Analyst and/or Customer Service/Office Manager? If so, meet Shauna and Lauren.

  • Shauna O’Brien [LinkedIn]
    Shauna is an absolute pro at all forms of financial writing. She can crank out high-quality newsy articles at breakneck speed, or produce long-form in-depth research pieces. Shauna never complains, is eager to learn, and is also pursuing her MBA while working full time, which I admire beyond belief. I’m certain she can help grow your business by producing excellent content day in, day out.
  • Lauren Clark [LinkedIn]
    Lauren is a people person. She excels at customer service, and bends over backwards to help people, even if they’re rude or mean to her. She’s obsessed with getting things done the right way, and soaks up new tasks like a sponge. Lauren enthusiastically attacks problems and finds solutions, which is why she’s a great fit for any company looking to improve their customer service or office management.

4 thoughts on “Quitting My Job Cost Two Other People Their Jobs

  1. Tom – this is great blogging – are you writing your memoirs online in hopes of a book deal with Doubleday?! I want in with the editing or something – call me- Mom


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